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How to Set Goals

To be able to set goals you need to establish the following:

·         What do you want?

·         Decide how are you going to get it?

·         What steps are you prepared to do to achieve this goal ?

Basically you want to get from point A to point B.

These are the steps required

Step 1 Decide what you want to achieve

Deciding what you actually want to achieve, for some people will be crystal clear for others it will be an uphill struggle, this is where a life coach  would be able to assist you in clarifying your life goals.

A useful exercise would be to visualize where you would want to be in 5 years, what sort of lifestyle you would want, what sort of job would you would be doing, house you will be living in and car you will be driving, don’t put any limitation on yourself just visualize it.  Goals can also be intangible i.e spending quality time with your family creating stronger relationships.  These goals can often be more rewarding.

Step 2 Create your goals

One you have decided what you want to accomplish you to to create goals, this will allow you to accomplish them.  Write down all the things you want to achieve and then work backwards set yearly target goals to meet your 5 year goals then set monthy, weekly goals to help meet your yearly goals. Breaking goals down in this way not only helps you not be intimidated by the larger picture but helps you to focus on the goals and keeps you thinking and visualizing them.

Step 3 How to write goals

Writing goals correctly is the key to successful goal setting.  You must always have measurable goals and keep them personal and specific ensuring they are written as ‘I will’

Measurable – You need to have measurable goals so you can see if you are achiving and moving towards you goals.

Achieveable - Make sure your goal is achievable there is no point setting an unrealistic target as this will only de-motivate you and probably make you lose faith in goal setting.

Positive – Keep positive and believe you will achieve your goals, great things happen when you focus and believe they will.

Personal – Keep you dreams personal you can’t change someone else but only things affecting your own life.

Specific – Keep them specific the more specific you are the more you will believe you can achieve your goals.

Step 4 Review your goals

Reviewing your goals is crucial to achieving them if you just write them down and lock them in a draw you will forget about them, always review your goals tick them off when you have achieve them this will boost your feelings and help you to achieve other goals.  Don’t be afraid to alter goals, update them with new desires and wants, keep them fresh, our lives are constantly changing and so are our desires and wants.

Step 5 Only tell people who can understand and help

You might think sharing your goals with the world is the best way to help you but most people are not goal setters and without intending are too quick to put a damper on your goals.  Only tell people who are going to help you to realize your goals and are going to encourage you because the more you believe and get excited about your goals the quicker they come to you.

Just follow the 5 steps above and the most important thing to do is write your goals down as your goals will become a reality far quicker if they are written down.


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